The Funrize is a Free-to-play online platform that operates in 2 different modes:

1. Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode is a mode in which players can use Tournament Coins a virtual currency to play the wide variety of games provided by Funrize and compete in Funrize tournaments.

The Funrize sells Tournament Coins that you can accumulate and play with. All Tournament Coins whether purchased or accumulated, cannot be exchanged, traded, or transferred for real money.

Tournament Mode

2. Promotional Mode

The Promotional Mode is a mode that is unlocked after the first purchase of Tournament Coins. Players can only use Promotional Entries while playing in the Promotional Mode. Promotional Entries can be obtained as a bonus through the purchase of Tournament Coins

No PURCHASE  or  PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY to enter or get prizes in Funrize Promotional Games in Promotional Mode

Entries into Funrize Promotional games are given to players in the form of promotional coins. Promotional Entries cannot be purchased, and it has no inherent value.Players can always obtain Promotional Entries free of charge as a bonus with the purchase of Tournament Coins, or via an Alternative Method.

Promotional Entries can be used to play Funrize Promotional games.

You cannot buy Promotional Entries.

Promotional Mode

Join and Play in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1


    Create a Free Play account: fill out the "Create account" or “Sign up” form located on the Homepage of the website.

  • Step 2

    Compete in Tournaments

    Buy Tournament coins + Get Free Promotional Entries as a bonus.

  • Step 3

    Reveal your FREE entries

    Play Promotional games for free, enjoy and get prizes.

Get 100 free daily Promotional Entries

Also, every 24 hours you can request 100 free Promotional Entries.

Take a white piece of paper and write by hand:

  • FunrizeTM Free Entry Request
  • your full legal name
  • your date of birth
  • full street address of where you live
  • your valid telephone number
  • your valid email address
  • your FunrizeTM player ID

Then write by hand on an envelope:

  • your return address
  • address by hand the envelope to: FunrizeTM Promotion, Free Entry Request, A1 Development LLC, 3597 E Monarch Sky Lane Suite 240, PMB #2940, Meridian, Idaho 83646

Send your request by U.S. Postal Service mail to the address set out above.

Please note that this option is available with one required condition unless the account balance is equal to 0.

Alternative Method of Entry Terms and Conditions apply

If you have any questions, сhat with Funrize Customer Care Team or email at